Friday Findings-New Uses For Bead Caps

Friday Findings-New Uses For Bead Caps

Hello and welcome to another Friday F indings
video. Today I thought I would talk to you about
bead caps. Now bead caps are one of those
jewelry making findings that we often might take for granted as
just being able to use as bead caps and they work very nicely for that.
Here’s a plain bead, and here’s one with just a couple little bead
caps and you can see how much it dresses up the
bead to put bead caps on. And certainly that’s a wonderful way of using them. But did you know there are lots of other
ways you can use your bead caps? I thought I would show you a few today. One simple thing that you can do with bead caps is instead of using them just one on each
end like this to fancy up a bead
you can actually stack them. You can put as many or as few on as you like and take several very simple bead caps
and actually get a really interesting look. If you use taller ones
you can stack them as well. So you can really experiment and let your imagination
run wild and see how many different ways you can combine
bead caps to a get very interesting look. Other things you can do with bead caps:
I have some here that are solid but I have quite a few that have this filigree
and you can actually hammer out this filigree. Take a look at this one, this is just one of these, and it only took a couple of taps with a hammer
to flatten it out. I added a jump ring and now I have a charm that I can use on a piece of jewelry or you could also use this as a chandelier finding
for earrings and have several dangles coming down from it. If you add two jump rings,
one on each opposite side, you get a connector
that you can use in between lengths of chain or between bead links
and add lot of interest to your jewelry. The next idea that I have for you is to use
bead caps for the tops of tassels. Now I did a whole video on making tassels
for your beading in your jewelry and you can watch it right here.
Here’s a few examples of using bead caps. First of all I have a bunch of lengths of chain and they’re all gathered together inside this cone shaped bead cap
and then you can see some of the other beads also have bead caps on them.
So you don’t necessarily just have to put one on each end and call it a day,
you can arrange them however you want. And this one is done similarly you can see
just the chains and then the bead cap covers it up. Another thing that you can do with deeper
bead caps like these cone shaped ones is consolidate a whole bunch of strands
if you have a multi-strand necklace. They can all come together the same way
just on a piece of wire with a loop that you can see doesn’t even have to be neat
and then it’s all nicely covered up with a bead cone. Also when you’re looking at you bead caps
in the store and you are thinking of purchasing them
take a look at the shapes. These made me think little flowers and I needed
flowers for this little polymer clay project And you can see I colored these with alcohol inks and used them as little flowers in my project. Another idea that you might not have thought
of is to simply stack a whole bunch of nesting bead caps together
these look really fantastic they almost have a scale look.
In fact I’ve seen bracelets that consist of nothing but some stretch elastic
and just a whole bunch of bead caps all stacked together.
And it has this kind of undulating, interesting look. You could just take a smaller stack and use
that in place of a spacer. Or just put together a longer amount to fill in a space
on your jewelry. So I hope the next time you’re in the store looking at bead caps
looking to see what they have available that you’ll take another look
and consider all the different possibilities. If you like this video please be sure you’ve
subscribed to my YouTube channel so you’ll see more like it
and take a look at the other two jewelry making videos up on screen.
Also check out my blog,, where I have lots more creative ideas and
inspiration. Thanks for watching, happy creating. Bye bye.


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    Katie L

    I just feel foolish for not having thought of this myself. What a wonderfully creative way to use bead caps. I absolutely love it! Thank you.

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    Hello Sandy,, I made a silver plated bracelet a few years ago just using little saucer spacers, and the connector bead cap is a wonderful idea,, as a bracelet can be made that way too mabey with a small cabochon,in the center would look good I think,πŸ‘πŸ’πŸŒΊπŸŒΉπŸπŸ‚

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